About Fictitious Fashion: As unique as the name sounds; Fictitious Fashion is a blog about stylish people! It encourages Everyone to follow their own sense of style: Your Style, Your Way! My blog matches with the frequency level of Fashion Bloggers around the world, from Indonesia to Germany, from United States to India: each person has a story to tell. This is the reason Fictitious Fashion was; to share everyone's story and gain inputs from the wonderful world of fashion.

Current Statistics: Fictitious Fashion averages  200 Page views per day. Total unique page views till date are 2,97,968+ The blog has attracted  1260 unique members . The blog has also hosted many National and International sponsored giveaways. It has also been featured on Facebook (link) and has 2,430+ likes. The blog owner has been awarded as a Versatile Blogger (twice), Stylish Blogger (once) and Leibster award by her humble followers. You can see the giveaways in the page above (tab-giveaway).


Sponsorship Charges: We take Cash/Money for placement of banners or for any collaboration. We also accept credits and freebies from websites. Please contact only if you offer to include the shipping charges + credits with your offer.
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Advertising options: Currently, the following advertising options are open. (for sponsors who provide free shipping or include it in the voucher)

1) 300+ words with >5 links and pictures and a guaranteed traffic of 300 unique viewers$75
2) 200-250 words or more with 4 links and 5-6 pictures- Minimum credits $50 per article.
3) 150-200 words and more than 3 links with less than <5 pictures- Minimum credits $35 per article
4) 100-150 with 3 links with 3-4 pictures- $25 per article
5) 100-150 with 2 links with 2 pictures- $20 per article
6) 100 words with 1 link with 2 pictures- $15
7) 100 words with 1 link or 1 picture- $12

All links are Keyword links. Product links come along with the product that is subject to being reviewed.

Payment Procedure for blog posts:

1) Pay half the amount in 24hours and the post will be published within next 3 days.
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3) Pay after I publish the post (in 4-5 days) and the amount needs to come within 24hours.

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1) 220*220 on the top- Minimum $40 . (could be discussed)
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3) 220*220 anywhere in between- $15.
4) 220*220 near bottom- $12.

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What would be featured on the Main Page:

Sponsored Giveaways- Products or E-vouchers
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Posts about your field
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Product Review
Discount vouchers

Please Note: I do not introduce websites before receiving the items. In other words, I would introduce/promote your website only if the items reach me safely

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Brand outlet or store
Fashion Blog
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Product penetration in the market

PAST SPONSORS: The Banners of the current sponsors are displayed on the right column of the blog.

Reviews have been written for many Websites including:


1) Viviana India - Various Range of Cosmetic Products.
2) Shop InOnIt - Indian Label selling wide range of quirky products, including clothes, bags, accessories & more
3) Dazzling Bling- Indian website selling unique items in women's as well as men's section.
4) IknowStudio- Fabulous website owned by Timsy and Siddharth
and more...


1) Oasap- First sponsor- high street fashion website
2) Udobuy- China based shopping website
3) Chicnova- Leading Fashion retailer in Hong Kong
4) Prodigy Red- Online shopping website based in UK
5) LovelyWholesale- Online shopping website based in Hong Kong
6) Dress Lily- Online shopping website based in England
7) Stylish Plus- Online shopping website based in Hong Kong- 4000+ unique visitors
and more...

The Blog has been Featured on:

1) Wehelp.com- One of my storyboards; other boards could be seen when you scroll down
2) ShopInonIt- An Article on how to imbibe Lemon shade in your wardrobe- The Lemon Twist

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