September 23, 2017

Hot Pink Fusion-Ethnicwear

Hello everyone

I'm so happy to be writing this post. The weather outside is amazing and it's a weekend! That always gets me in a good mood.

Today, I feel like making this post about two things:- some words of wisdom and the outfit.
First, the outfit; and if you stick till the end, there would be some inspiration waiting for you.

A few weeks back, I had attended a wedding. I didn't feel like going extravagant in my clothes, like Indian ethnicwear is. Took out this new floor-length hot pink dress suit and threw my mom's printed dupatta or stole around it. The result? A match made in heaven- no need to go to for it ;) (Brown girls would get it).

Thanks mom for taking such nice pictures. Bro- you were missed!


I have always emphasized on two things really- Change & happiness. So, if you read my post about 'Change is inevitable' and 'Happiness is a measure of life', you'd know how important these things are. But, all this applies to oneself, doesn't it? What if you love someone and feel like changing them? Even if it's for their good, you cannot help but take a piece of cake for yourself too. You definitely have some advantage in that situation else why even bother? 

"Our lives would become better". Sure thing, but is it really bad right now?
I guess the real question is, "Can I control everything?"

Don't even look for the answer here. You know what I'd say. It is simple really. 
You care, they care: you care more, they care.

Don't expect the same kind of love. Don't ever expect the same kind of respect. I'm a firm believer of "Everything happens for a reason". Don't get me wrong. I do not leave everything to fate and sit on the grass, staring at nothing. I do, I wait, I move on and think, ".. it really did happen for a reason.

Long story short, here's what my experience tells me-

1) Expect less
Easier said than done. What do you even compare your expectation with? How do you not expect if you give a lot? The solution is to keep a benchmark for everything that happens in your life.
Like for example, if you've studied really hard and still don't get what you deserve then don't get disheartened. I was really good at studies but my marks during engineering were like Trump is to America- a disappointment! But, when I started my MBA; the results were totally an Obama! I was surprised, happy and kept on going.
So just don't rest your heart after one thing and expect everything from it. Benchmark it. 
I will care this much about people and after my threshold reaches, they won't hear from me.

2) Leave
Not the situation, but your worries. You have so much to be thankful for. Nobody is perfect; believe me! You get a kind, gentle and loving friend but if they don't have time for you then no scolding, time management classes, factual examples, visual examples or demos can help them. You give them one lesson and step back.
You cannot inculcate good behavior into someone, behavior develops naturally.

3) Settle
It is not the worst idea. There is a reacher and a settler in each relationship (How I met your Mother). Lily really settled for Marshal. But, is it that bad to settle for the one? Yes, the over-cliched 'the one'; but like I said, nobody is perfect. Think what is most important to you? Not one, go ahead and think of 5 must-have things your partner ought to have. Mostly that would be something you lack or you're so good at and what a partner with higher dosage of your qualities. In either case, don't settle on those 5 things but don't expect them to be on perfect in each quality. We are only humans and settling down for someone equal, below or higher than us in some quality; only shows the extent of satisfaction we have with ourselves and with other.

Let me know your thoughts on the post :)

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September 6, 2017

September Wishlist: Zaful

Hello everyone!

Zaful has easily become my favorite website (this line isn't sponsored)! When I started this blog 6 years back, I'd have vouched for Oasap. Also because they were my first sponsor! As my taste evolved, I realized what the offering is of different fashion portals, could understand the quality of the product from online images, could tell whether the piece would look good on me or not. These are some of the very basic things to know before you shop from online websites. Gradually, from hundreds of sponsors & websites I stumbled upon, I narrowed my favorites to ten and now 2-3. 

I had my first collaboration with Zaful in March last year and it is one of the websites from my above choices. So every month or so, I try to do a post for them that comes more from my own will than an obligation of sponsor-blogger contract. Just search for "zaful" in my search bar (right sidebar) and you'd find how each wishlist is different from another. Their website has variety of options not found in other similar ones so this is the least I could do. I'd prepare styleboards or review it by wearing my picks but today let's keep it simple! These are my top 5 picks and a big cry for the Winter is Coming since I'm a huge summer fan! What are you? Beach babe or Winter person? Let me know in the comments below :)
Remember that these picks are my personal favorites and Zaful had no say in this matter ;)

I'm particularly in love with their lace dresses. Got one here and lace is one fabric, I can't get enough of. Yesterday, while picking something for myself I found this straight cut skirt in apricot and I couldn't move away from the page. I remember silently getting angry with girls that have natural tiny waists! Gahaw, I love myself. :D You can carry killer red pencil pumps or even pink if you can carry it like Blair from Gossip girl!

Next in line is a sassy black sports leggings. Well, my current gray one is wearing off and I'm on a lookout for a different fabric now. Such sheer net leggings are quite hot this season with almost every fitness diva wearing these if not hot shorts. These practically go with anything- oversized shirt, sports-bra, tank top, crop top. You get the point?

Stripes shirts & skirts with floral patchwork is so hot this season. You'd find every blogger sporting something in this look. This was in my top 3 choices for myself. Pair it with cotton tops in pastel colors of white or blue especially with bow-knots if you can. This look would go well with x-bags.

I'm thinking of having one tee that speaks about me (LOUDLY). Yes, that's me! It's always fun to show your developing areas or talk something fun about yourself first; before anyone pin-points the fact. This shows that you're confident about yourself-your body and is a fun way of interacting with people, no? I'd wear this with white pants and a fringe bag.

Last but not the least- Winter is coming and I want to look cute too! This bow sweater with a V-neck is what I'm looking for this winter. V-necks give the petite like me, fuller figure and the bow-knots give a pretty appearance to such items. Wear it with black denims and boots.

Use cod ZFEN

So which one is your favorite pick and how differently you'd wear it? Remember to wear something that is in sync with your personality else you'd just be uncomfortable all day and the world-remembers! ;) (Too much of GOT) Any GOT fans here?


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August 22, 2017

Blackbelle: Rosegal

Hello Beautiful

So much to talk about obviously because I was MIA. August, the thirteenth: as scary as the number sounds, it was my birthday that day and I wore a black slip dress ;)! I don't believe that 13 is unlucky for me or for anyone. Whatever sheer coincidence happens with this number, it brings beautiful pages for memories to be made.

So my friends and I decided to visit the pink city of India, Jaipur. As you can see from the pictures below, everywhere you look you can find artistic inspiration. Stone walls, pillars, doors, palaces or even cafes of this place have some history behind it. No wonder, photographers and soon-to-be-wed couples come here for photoshoots or even get married!

The dress- I wanted to wear a maxi dress for my birthday this time. Was looking for something- a color or style, I don't have. After full 2 days of research online & offline (btw, found only one Forever New dress which I liked but it was insanely expensive! Anyone else thinks they are over-priced?) ; I narrowed it down to two dresses. This and another in burgundy lace with boat neck. Keeping in mind that I already have two in burgundy and also the fact that you can never have enough in black; this was my obvious choice. First of all, the material is so easy to carry. It gives a grand look and doesn't need to be ironed. So perfect for vacations! The sheer maxi tulle was a perfect addition & contrast to the otherwise horizontal stripes which run throughout the dress.

I wore crocs with these for two reasons- One, it was supposed to be a let-your-hair-down vacation and I always prefer comfort over packing too much! Second- If you remember my pin from few years back on "Different ways to wear converse" you'd see how one can wear it even with sneakers and they look kickass! If you want to see more ways on how to wear converse then head here.

When I was about to wrap-up this shoot, I realized this dress has pockets as well! Score!!! Utility + style, I'm comfortable at the very least. You should check out Rosegal for more such dresses.

Dress: Rosegal, Shoes: Crocs

Here's a coupon code for you guys to get 10% off- ZEFN. Use it well!

Can't hear to hear your thoughts


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July 21, 2017

My Birthday Picks: Rosegal

My Birthday month is fast approaching!

I'm so excited for my Birthday this time. August is without a doubt my favorite month of the year. So many colors in sight, good weather, long weekends (15th Aug is Independence day in India :)) and so many weddings/parties to attend to. So picking the perfect outfit is very important for me since this is the period of Sales & fresh arrivals come one week before my birthday. It's now or never, it seems? ;)

This time I'm thinking of a maxi dress or an dress shoulder off. The thing about off-shoulder outfits is, they look great on about anybody if worn right. If you are petite then go ahead and wear one without thinking. Just make sure the rim rests tightly on you. If you are chest heavy then pick one with high off-shoulder neck. This way you can draw your attention towards your neck. I really enjoy getting all dressy and celebrating with friends & family: good food, music and just rocking through the night. This month I suppose, we'd be celebrating with friends a day before, lunch with family on D-Day and then going for a trip with friends somewhere in Udaipur. Let's hope it all turns out for the best. Traveling is truly an addiction which only energizes & repays you well.

Talking about addictions, there's another style, I can't seem to get over with; sequins! It grabbed my attention when Serena wore the sequin dress in the first episode of Gossip Girl. I'm thinking of this top with black leather shorts, do you like it? I'll pair it with my black sequins clutch from my previous post and black lace pumps.

For jewelry, I believe less is REALLY more if your outfit is that flashy or you have an agenda to attract attention to a particular part of body like neck, shoulders, etc. But certain occasions demand you not go empty handed. I like to then wear, a simple bracelet like the one below. It's so simple, elegant and totally boasts my personality. Jewelry is really personal to me and I don't wear it for the sake of it. It should either be particularly required with the outfit or mean something to me ^_^

Another one of my favorite trends is pink flower dresses. Internet is flooded with these cutesies and you just cannot have your favorites ready. I'd wear with with nude accessories.

What is your favorite from Rosegal?
Let me know in the comments below

Here's some Hot Summer Sale for my fans. Use the code RGEN for ANOTHER 10% off!!!!


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July 13, 2017

Sherlock Holmes: All covered

Hey Folks

Sorry for the cheeky title! I had a flatmate during college who used to pass such snazzy comments about Sherlock Holmes that I just couldn't resist cracking one for myself ;)

Hey you all crazy fans of Sherlock! If I ask you one thing you most associate Sherlock Holmes with; what would you say? I'm going to show you one thing in this post and I'm sure you guys are gonna love it truly. How do I know? I showed it to two Sherlock fans and their voice decibel told me so. 

When I purchased an iphone 6 months ago, I had no idea how difficult it would be to get custom made covers or even decently priced ones that actually mean something to you. I literally designed one for myself and it was so gorgeous that my hopes were obviously high. To get it printed, I checked out a few websites online but none of them charged decently for a plastic or silicon material. It was time for some legwork. I searched for a good place locally and found one that came highly recommended. Now I know why recommendations aren't 100% true. I had them print it thrice and the end result was still a cheap-looking, possibly third-hand iphone!

It was time I searched something very decent that I can relate with and found PrintOctopus. As cute as the name is, the place is filled with your favorite series inspired goodies. My personal favorites are SUITS merchandise. I mean, come one!!! Quotes like  "You just got LITT up". I'm dying out here. 
If that wasn't enough, "I am SherLOCKED" was yelling at me.

So for my first one (many more purchases), I found this door and had my heart set on having it at that instant. The one thing I dreaded the most was if the quality would be worth the price. As mentioned above, I had searched everywhere and the quality; by all means, didn't match the price. Even if you paid a 1000 bucks you will eventually get bored of the design in a few months so it had to be something less expensive for a mobile cover!

To my surprise, the phone cover not only was of really good quality, but also, I faced no struggle in getting the cover on fearing the scratches. Now I'll leave you guys to my iphone wardrobe addition while I head to the Tshirt quotes section. Next on? SUITS :D


iphone cover: PrintOctopus

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June 24, 2017

Pair of Apricots

Hello everybody

I saw this movie (for the tenth time now), Baby's Day out in which mommy dearest wears this elegant outfit of 80s and I knew I had to replicate the style some day. Although not entirely, I did manage to pull off one major part- Wide leg pants in Apricot!

Although, in today's world women can wear anything they want; back then, they were judged more of their boldness to wear an item and not the item itself. Today, if we wear a bikini we wouldn't be judged since times are changing. Earlier, adopting something very uncommon was uncalled for and the women daring to do the same were judged supremely. Yet, the same women were appreciated when came in monochrome jumpsuit or suit dresses. It was not about the skin-show but more about the choice of trend you are choosing to display! Yet certain women like Rei Kawakubo, changed the fashion world by merging different trends.

Here are 5 ways to wear wide leg pants if you're short like me :D, followed by my take on part-80s-fashion I'm carrying.

1) White it Right: One is obviously a white look. White gives you a certain charm which automatically makes you look matured & confident. People know not to mess with a lady who can carry white that well! You can keep the rest of the look neutral like I have.

2) Go single: No I don't mean without your man, although no harm right? ;) I have always enjoyed going colorful but there are times when I just don't find the need to go dramatic (or not) and stick to one color. This would definitely make you appear taller as well.

3) Heels: No points for this one. Whether your pants are ankle length or run beyond, peep-toes & pumps, respectively, add a flavor of sexiness to your outfit. Ofcourse, making you taller in the process.

4) Crop-tops: They divide the your torso, making it look lean which in turn makes you look lean. If you don't have that confidence to wear a crop top then you can wear any fitted top. Just make sure it is tucked in. It's an absolute no-no if you wear loose or long tops with it.

5) Print & ruffles: In my previous post I spoke about print-on-print dresses. The utter confusion on your clothes is definitely a plus point if you're short. On the other hand, the less the volume of ruffles, the better it is for you. If the latter is too cute to ignore then make sure they are away from your torso and you'd be fine :)

Feel free to follow or not?, all of the tips since you cannot look good if you're not comfortable with what you're wearing.



High waist leg pants & Clutch: Rosegal here & here, blouse: Oasap,
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe, shoes: zaful

Would love to hear your thoughts on this post.
Any questions? Shoot 'em at


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June 17, 2017

Anuswara: Ethnic Fusion

Today you will see me in a different Avatar- one which I've grown fond of.

My colleagues know my love for comfort-wear that usually can be seen in the form of a two-piece with beautiful ethnic print. Before you raise your brows, let me tell you I’m talking about these gorgeous ethnic beauties which in India we call’ a suit.

Each suit I own is unique in terms of design, color, material or print. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of quality of material I choose. That’s the most essential criteria for me when I go to pick one. Then comes the design or color. There are so many colors out there that would look good on an individual. Yet, if you pick the same in a different design or print and match it with a distinctive legging; then the entire attire looks exceptional.
Now, all of the above attributes might be difficult to pay attention to; online. You are unsure of the color, can’t really judge the material from magnification of the image and let’s not even talk about the fit! But let me tell you one thing, if you like something in one blink: whether it’s at a mall or online, all the judgment fails and you convince yourself that you will get it altered or live with it even if the color is slightly different than expected.

Well, you wouldn’t have to go to that level of convincing, as there are certain e-commerce portals that go out of their way to build their collection to suit the Indian sensibilities. That’s what Craftsvilla  did for me. I loved at least 6-7 pieces that I wanted to have in my wardrobe. Let me tell you, when I go out for shopping; that number is reduce to one third mostly! Look at their collection and you would know what I mean.
When the collection, Anuswara launched in Mumbai this April, the guests were satisfied with what they saw. The in-house brand of Craftsvilla boasts of designs in Kalamkari Tales, Ikat Illustrations, print-on-print and so much more for Kurti. The collection is inspired by handloom industry in India and the whole creation takes us back to our roots with its contemporary nature.

Here are my top 5 picks & trends from the brand:

Kalamkari crop top
This one is my personal favorite. Nothing speaks India proudly than block-print depicting India’s mythology & other classics. Wear it with mustard, red or black wide-legged pants and copper bracelet for added effect.

Color block kurtis
This trend (later fashion) doesn’t seem to go. It began in 1946 with Yves St. Laurent and has now found its place in ethnic fashion as well. Pair it with neutrals & carry matching tote with it.

Solid candy colors
I for one, love bright colors. The more challenging they are to wear, the more I love pairing them. I sometimes color-block them or just go with neutrals & color-block with accessories. Wear a bright choker piece to go with it or even silver danglers for a Boho look.

Kurtis with Jacket
Generally, women wear a white kurti and a colorful jacket to go with it. But, times are changing and solid-on-solid is another trend we need to keep up with. It's better this way! Change your taste, mix & match, throw in some elegant earrings and you're set!

Indigo print
I've practically seen brands launch their collection with this fine color. The print-on-print mix is so pleasing to wear with this color that I've bought one for myself this weekend! Wear a white legging to go with it.

and here's me in one of their beautiful collection piece.



Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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