April 23, 2017

Shake the Tree

Hey Everyone

This post's title has been inspired by Suits and fits perfectly with what I'll talk about here as well!
Firstly; suits- It's the one series I use (personally & sometimes professionally) if I have to get to an answer which has no ends! Sounds thrilling, isn't it? All the Suits fans must agree to the kind of rush the series' cases gives them. It makes me think, a lot and that's a nice thing to be doing. Finally something which tingles my brain without blood in it!

The tree has already been shaken since I got this top for me. Ever since I came back to Delhi for good, I've been dreading about two things- Scorching Summer & Chilly Winter and I'm not fond of either of them.

Maybe this gives you a clear picture about what I'm saying.

So the top I have here is a perfect way to prevent myself from getting a sunburn! It's WHITE, COTTON, COVERS me up and this is what I need at this moment! I decided to pair this one with my classic patch-boyfriend denims and go boho way up. Today was thankfully not so hot to go outside and I grabbed the opportunity to get ready for nothing since my plans for the evening got cancelled (Mr. A is to be blamed). Nevertheless, I'm glad I did since I'd never have gotten up in the first place if it weren't for this post :) Enjoy the rest of the post!



Did you like this post? Let me know what you'd like to see from my end. All the constructive criticism is welcome :)

Top: New Chic, Denim: Zaful, Scarf: Elle, Flats: Clarks, Bracelet: Accessorize


April 14, 2017


Hi Folks

I post-convocated, finally!!! I can proudly say that my post-graduation days were better than my graduation ones. The 2 years of my life taught me more than the 4 of graduation! It made me more confident, independent and happy. All of this wouldn't have been possible without Mumbai being what it is- beautiful :)

So obviously, it was my special day and I had to pick up something classy. I had worn a neutral colored jumpsuit at my farewell and got the much appreciated comments. Check out the post here.

My burgundy obsession was (and still isn't) not over so at least one thing I was sure of; the outfit had to be in burgundy. Next thing which I have been trying to find is a classy suit which I can wear on such special occasions. I went online, searched a little bit about customized suits in Delhi NCR and found this new brand called StitchMe. I wasn't sure if they'd be having the perfect color I was looking for so decided to ring them a bell. They showed me the exact color I was looking for so I asked the designer to come to my place, take the measurements and guess what the catch was? I wanted the suit to be made in ONE DAY. That meant no alterations but perfect fit. I had back-up plan ready for some formal shirt and trouser but heart wants what it wants. I sort of trusted them since they are new and would go extra length to satisfy my appetite. The next day I tried my suit and IT FIT PERFECT!
I'm so elated and satisfied with the fit and how it turned out to be. Just really happy. I got PLENTY of compliments; even from the cabin-crew of the flight I boarded. That's what you want at the end of the day- if it was worth it or not! :)

Check it out


Me being goofy!


Can't wait to read your thoughts about this one!

Suit: StitchMe


March 26, 2017

New Chic

It is very important to stay up-to-date in fashion if you say you are a 'Fashion Blogger'. But if your prime work is nowhere related to fashion, it is really difficult to do the same. That's when I started my search of new brands that chant this mantra.

I usually get my daily dose of fashion from:
- Fashion Bloggers (Instagram mainly)
- Pantone (The color authority)
- Designers (facebook) and,
- New brands

Fashion never sleeps and so there is plenty of information available on the screen 24*7. One such brand on the screen is-New Chic. Thousands of brands, hundreds of offers and only 100 tabs to open at once ;) The world should show a little mercy on us when we say, "I have nothing to wear". There is so much to out there and we've seen so little!

So here, I simplify your research and after hours of analysis, jot-down these 5 things I love about them with my wishlist and ofcourse; TheStyleCommunity rating!

  • Mobile app on the go (20% off on first order): This was needed!!!
  • The first page of dresses: Haven't seen any dress anywhere else which shows variety!
  • Have Home & Garden section as well: Has my eyes-wide-open
  • There's a Men's collection that just doesn't take a backseat
  • There's an LED lighted mirror in the beauty section: How cool is that?

and now, it's time for ratings.
The Style community
  • Uniqueness in clothing line- Good variety (4)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (4)
  • Customer Care- Decent (4)
  • Price point- Great pricing* (5)
#TheStyleCommunity points= 17/20

Must see categories- Shoes (great discounts) & beauty section

Hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I did. Next post- Graduation Suit!


March 13, 2017


Hi Friends

Fictitious Fashion wishes you a very Happy Holi. Today Holi is celebrated across India with colors and sweets. On the occasion of colors, I'm wearing this beautiful blue dress that I have been holding (read: hoarding) in my closet for months now. Maybe I was waiting for my body to achieve this state?
Girls, please be honest with me: Does looking this slim is weird or fine? (Let me know if you have better words). I'm trying to be fit & happy but instead losing fat from undesirable places (>_<) Help me people!!!

On totally other note, I had not worn heels for a long time because of my sprained ankle on my flat foot. These babies are so versatile and comfortable (if someone knows hot walk in heels) that I just can't stop thinking about outfits to wear them with. So I decided to pair them with my hoarded dress and keep the rest of the look simple.

This dress from Zaful can be worn when thinking of elegance. The color is so royal and material so good that it reminds me of the time where royal blue was my go-to color.

Guys, BTW, Mr. A is back ;) So we went out for a beautiful day ahead of us.

Enjoy the rest of the post





Dress: Zaful (comes in Pink too), Pumps: Chic Factor, Bracelet: Zaful and Accessorize